Genuine Aussie Gems was created by Ian & Liane Burgoyne and Jamie Irvine as a means to sell sapphires that are currently being produced from our mine in Central Queensland, Australia. We aim to provide a natural and unaltered (besides cutting of course) product to our customers and at a pricepoint where everyone is happy. We are able to have lower prices than other vendors on the internet as there is no middlemen in our operation and you are buying directly from the source. Ian and Liane have been regulars in the Central Queensland gem fields for many years and have truly developed a passion for finding the gemstones that we all love! The vast majority of our gemstones are sourced from our own mines in Willows, however we do also receive a supply of beautiful New England Blue Sapphires and Opals predominantly from Lightning Ridge and Coober Pedy which are mined straight from the ground and cut without any treatments. We are proud that our gemstones are ethically sourced and the environmental impact is minimal as our operation is underground. Tunnels that are dug out are then backfilled with the tailings therefore we are environmentally friendly and we hold a lot of respect for our land and country!

The majority of the stones on our website are cut by our resident gem cutter Jamie Irvine and he has been cutting opal and star sapphire for 6 years and faceting for 5 years now. Jamie has had a passion for gemstones since he was a child and used to play with his opal collection that his Grandfather gave him as a very young boy. Jamie believes that he will never stop learning when it comes to cutting gemstones as every gem is unique in its shape, constitution and other challenges they offer such as inclusions. Jamie also loves to emphasise the beauty of our Australian gemstones and works to raise the regard in which they are held within Australia and abroad.

You will rarely see any of our gemstones treated here at Genuine Aussie Gems and when there is such a gem, you will see on the product page in Bold the treatment that the stone has undergone (will be heat only).This is important to us as this is the base of our philosophy that mother nature created these gems for our enjoyment and they are beautiful just the way the are when they are excavated from the ground.

Genuine Aussie Gems