Welcome to Genuine Aussie Gems! We want to showcase a myriad of beautiful gemstones that are produced here in Australia. We specialise in supplying genuine Australian gems that are not treated in any form where possible. Our sapphires and zircon are ethically sourced from our own mines in the central Queensland gem fields and locally cut by our in-house gem cutter. Since we are not paying high rough prices, we are able to provide quality bargains to you our customer.

We like to sell our gems as natural as possible as we think that mother nature did a great job creating these beauties, therefore most of our stones are not even heat treated which seems like the norm these days.

Besides sapphires and zircon, we also proudly supply Quality Australian opals. Our opals are also locally cut and are sourced from Lightning Ridge, Mintabie and Coober Pedy. Opal is our national gem and most of the world’s best quality opal is Australian. A good quality black opal looks like fireworks encapsulated within stone or resembles a nebula in outer space and is in our view one of Mother Nature’s true works of art!

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