Blue Sapphire

The mineral corundum when in gem form is commonly known as Sapphire. Sapphire is the second hardest known gem and ranks as a nine on the Mohs Scale only beaten by Diamond. The traditionally recognised color for sapphire by the public is the classic Blue Sapphire however in recent years fancy sapphire types are becoming more well known. A good portion of Australian blue sapphire do tend towards being a richer, darker navy blue, however Australia does also produces bright and vibrant stones comparable to fine quality Ceylon or Thai sapphires. These beauties generally come from the New England (around Glen Innes and Inverell) region of N.S.W. and are of very fine quality. The New England area is renowned for its Blue gems whereas Central Queensland prides itself on its wide variety of fancy sapphire colors. Blue Sapphire has a chemical composition of AL2O3 or Aluminium Oxide with trace amounts of iron and/or titanium.
Australian Quality Blue Sapphire has not really been given a fair go both here in Australia and abroad as overseas buyers buy the quality stone and ship them overseas to be onsold as being from a different origin which is a shame. It is true that some of our blue sapphire especially with green crosstables cut to be very much on the dark side However this is not always the case as we do also produce blue on blue which turn out to be stunning gemstones if cut well!

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