Green Sapphire

Green Sapphire is classed as being a fancy colored sapphire and some of the best examples of Green Sapphire come from the Willows area in the Central Queensland Gemfields. These are known locally as being Willows Greens and are comparable to the best greens found throughout the world. Green sapphire color ranges from a light yellowy green to a dark forest green through to a bluish green which resembles the blue/ green of the ocean. The majority of the worlds green Sapphire comes from Australia and Thailand. They are also found in Sri Lanka, Montana and Madagascar! Green Sapphire is actually quite rare and there is not much supply of it in the marketplace. However the public generally do not no much about or come across Green Sapphire regularly, therefore demand has not driven the price as high as yellow, blue or padparadscha sapphires.

Green Sapphire is coloured by traces of iron within corundum however in some cases the green coloration is due to the presence of both yellow and blue colour banding. The mixing of these two hues can commonly produce a green gemstone. This colour banding can be quite obvious especially when the gemstone is magnified however this is not always the case.

Green Sapphire is far more brilliant than emerald, much harder and durable than peridot, tsavorite or tourmaline therefore making Green sapphire a good choice for rings as it has a hardness of 9 on the mohs scale while emerald is a 7.5 to 8.

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