Parti Sapphire

Australian Parti Sapphires are a unique Australian gemstone where the gem is not one solid colour but are a mixture of at least 2 colours. The majority of the best examples of parti sapphire are mined in Australia and consist of unique blends of yellows and blues. According to the positioning of facets the gem can even throw green on top of the yellows and blues! One large benefit of choosing a parti sapphire is that as of present companies have not been able to artificially manufacture them and this sort of provides a guarantee that the gemstone is natural. Another benefit of choosing to purchase a part sapphire is that you will own a truly unique gem! These gems do tend to be a one of a kind.

Bicolor or parti sapphires are produced by color zoning within the gemstone as it forms. As the crystal grows, layers are formed somewhat similar to growth rings on trees and at times different trace elements are present which then produces the different colour compared to the rest of the gem. Depending on the cut of the stone and angle they’re viewed, green can also be seen by the blending of the blue and yellow colors. Therefore Parti Sapphires are brilliant for people that like rare individualised stones with character and uniqueness.

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