Yellow Sapphire

Fancy yellow sapphire is the third most sought after colour after blue and padparadscha. Yellow sapphire’s colour can range from a very light green / yellow through to an intense orange / yellow. Good quality yellow sapphire is a simply stunning gemstone and we are lucky that some of the world’s best quality yellow sapphires originate from the Central Queensland gem fields in Australia! Unheated yellow sapphires with good colour saturation and excellent clarity are rare and valuable, especially in larger sizes and much sought after by gem collectors. Most yellow sapphires have been heat treated to improve the colour and clarity however not ours here at Genuine Aussie Gems.

The colour range of Yellow sapphire is quite large and highly saturated medium to medium dark yellows are most desired. These yellow sapphires tend to have a golden glow to them and the Willows area in Central Queensland is renowned for producing beautiful golden yellow and green sapphires. The yellow hue found within yellow sapphire is produced by trace amounts of iron which is present within the gemstones chemical makeup. A lot of the yellow sapphire available in the market place is quite pale and sometimes these gems are diffused with beryllium to enhance their yellow coloration making them more attractive to the buyer.

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