1.96ct Yellow Sapphire 6.6mm x 8.3mm

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Colour: Very light, Strong, orangy Yellow
Weight: 1.96ct
Cut: oval
Clarity: Very slightly included
Dimension: 6.6mm x 8.3mm x 5.1mm
Treatment: None
Origin: Central Queensland
Australian cut


This is a beautiful golden yellow coloured sapphire from our Willows mine in Central Queensland! It is completely untreated unlike most sapphires on the market and it is precision cut into an oval design. The gem is very bright and throws a lot of colour in low light situations. This gem has a little bit of hematite platelets in the top of the gem hence the very slightly included grade. The scintillation in this gem is very good and the gem is bright in hand.  A gem lab certificate can be organised through Spectra Gem laboratory for an additional $150 Aud. Product image, video and hand shot was taken in shaded skylight.

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Weight 15 g
Dimensions 30 x 30 x 15 mm


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