4.11ct Golden Yellow Sapphire

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Colour: Medium, Moderately Strong, orangy Yellow.
Weight: 4.11ct
Cut: Square Cushion Brilliant
Clarity: Eye clean
Dimension: 9.6mm diameter x 5.6mm deep
Treatment: None
Origin: Willows, Central Queensland
Cut: Jamie


This is a stunningly coloured Australian sapphire. The gemstone was dug from our mine in Willows, Central Queensland and the gemstone is completely untreated. Willows golden yellows are well known among sapphire aficionados as being among the very best yellow sapphires in the world.

The cut of this gem is a modified square cushion design and this beautiful sapphire has an absolutely stunning golden yellow  colouration. The gemstone is eye clean and is extremely bright to the point of nearly glowing at night time. The gemstone does have a shift in colour in different light source and intensity.  It tends to turn a little more orange at night in low light. This gemstone is a true collectors piece with a stunning golden colour! Yellow sapphire does not get much better than this. A third party laboratory report can be organised through Spectra Gem Laboratory for an additional fee.

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Weight 15 g
Dimensions 30 x 30 x 15 mm


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